How It Bee-gan

How it Bee-gan?

Hives & Herbs began as a dream my late husband Martin and I had shortly after we first met in 2019. He was an avid tea lover, accompanied with COPIOUS amounts honey as his sweetener. It was here that he gained his nickname 'honey bear' but I would just call him 'bear' for short.

Shortly after his passing in 2022, I knew in my heart-of-hearts that even though some of our hopes and dreams may now just be that. I could still make this dream possible. So with the help of my Mom, we began our research and attended a beekeeping course to certify our knowledge. We received our first three hives in May 2023. Which has now led to the beginning and launch of Hives & Herbs.

"Our mission is to combine our passion for bees, nature and sustainability to provide the best quality products that contain all of the goodness that nature intended it to have"

-Nicole, Founder & Beekeper

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