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Nature's Sweet Escape

Hives & Herbs is an Ontario based brand that finds its small town, rural roots in the consciousness of everything surrounding us. This value combined with our passion for our bees, nature and sustainability makes Hives & Herbs a company that offers pure, raw 100% local Ontario honey and Organic loose leaf tea that contains all of the goodness nature intended for it to have.

"Our mission is to combine our passion for bees, nature and sustainability to provide the best quality products that contain all of the goodness that nature intended it to have"

-Nicole, Founder & Beekeper

Meet Nicole, Founder and Beekeeper of Hives & Herbs

Nicole, who holds two Honours degrees in Animal Biology and Molecular Genetics, and has always kept a positive outlook on life by finding the bee-auty in simplicity as a beekeeper.

Working within a sustainable local food system and making decisions for a world we want to live in, by placing a high value on supporting our eco system, farmers and our local community, is the ultimate goal of Hives & Herbs.

This in turn allows us to produce and provide remarkable honey and honey products for everyone to enjoy!

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